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Using the CBD Dosage Chart from CTFO

While CBD has a multitude of benefits, it is important to find the right DOSAGE for YOU. Keep in mind that not all CBD oil brands (buyer beware) are of high quality. Also it is highly important to note that the CBD Oils sold have a differing potency or strength. Everyone is different, every situation is different.Use the CBD Dosage chart below to help you determine the CBD oil dose you need.

CBD Dosage Chart for CTFO CBD Oil Drops Strengths

The CTFO CBD Dosage chart shows the available strengths and serves as a guide to choosing the correct potency for your pain level. Many people start out with the 300mg and take half a dropper. ( Just a few drops the first time is recommended to see how your body reacts.) This strength is best for those seeking to maintain their level of health, feel better overall and relieves anxiety. The 500mg is a stronger tincture and helps those with aches and pains and stimulates the body into optimal health. The 750mg packs a stronger punch and is for those seeking to alleviate inflammation, improve immunity and decreases overall anxiety. The maximum strength CTFO CBD Oil is 1500mg and is for those who need to boost the body’s immune system and prompt the body’s natural healing capabilities. You can read more about the science behind CBD but understand, it’s like putting in a missing puzzle piece and getting you whole again! (Whole being healthy, happy and relaxed!)

Personal aside: After a fall and being diagnosed with a few bulging discs, degenerative disc disease and arthritis in the facet joints of the spine, I ordered the 300mg to start.

Within days the SHARP stabbing pain in my sacrum ( I could not sit in a chair straight or drive) diminished so I doubled up on my “1/2 a dropper” dose.

The unrelenting muscle spasms stopped.  I was taking about 600mgs.

Because I saw proof for myself that I was on the right track with the CBD Oil, I adjusted my dose and now take the 750mgs twice a day.

In retrospect, I wish I would have purchased the 750 to begin with. ~TheCBDOilNurse



CBD dosage chart

How Many Drops Should I Take?

First off the dropper that comes with CTFO CBD oil is a ‘medicine’ dropper aka pipette. It is not marked with dose

lines like a calibrated medicine dropper because the natural oil is a tincture and not a ‘medicine’. Think of it like an essential oil that you can ingest.

Nurses Notes:

There are no known side effects to CBD oil. There is no need to worry about taking TOO much. However, I’ve had a few people start out at too high of a dose and report being a little tired. However, too little probably won’t give you the relief you seek. That being said, it is recommended that CBD Oil users use a half dropper of drops (about 20 drops or so but who wants to sit there and count drops). That’s approximately .5ml or half a teaspoon..

How to Make Your CBD Oil Last

Take 1/2 a dropper in the morning and 1/2 a dropper in the evening. This way you are getting one full ml a day. That is one teaspoon. The bottles of CTFO CBD oil contain 1 fluid ounce. That is 30ml, which equates to a month supply from one bottle if you dose it this way.

This is why I recommended the stronger dose so you don’t double up and run out before your month is up!

CBD oil strengths